Volunteer Opportunities

Foster Volunteers

Although we have very few foster animals these days, we do on occasion need foster people. Sometimes the county animal control officer doesn’t have room for a newly-found animal so contacts CASA for help. Or we may get a phone call about a dog or cat or maybe a litter of orphaned kittens needing temporary care while waiting for their permanent people. We may hear of a special-needs animal or have one recovering from emergency surgery and needing special care. That’s where we hope you’ll step in. Agreeing to be on our foster waiting list doesn’t require you to foster an animal about whom we call you but each name on our list gives that animal one more opportunity. Fostering is a wonderfully rewarding way to have a companion animal in your life without the expense and responsibility of lifetime care. CASA can provide food, cat litter, vet care, etc. while we’re advertising the animal’s availability on the internet.

Call CASA at 608-648-2461 with any questions and if you may be interested in fostering an animal, print our foster application by clicking here


If you are looking to adopt a companion animal or have questions about local resources, CASA encourages you view our pets by clicking on the link "All Our Pets" to the left or call us at 608-648-2461. Thank you for your support over the years and we hope to continue to help Crawford County animals in need.