DOG OF THE MONTH – April ‘18

Active, athletic, friendly and inquisitive Kiah was probably born in 2012 and weighs about 44 pounds. She's very smart and playful with other dogs who aren't too rough with her. This spring one of our volunteers will be starting agility training with her. That is exciting! She will thrive with this activity! She hasn't been around children but we're guessing she'd be fine with them although might do her "gentle jumping" on them. She seems to be too interested in cats for our comfort. We don't think she'd deliberately hurt a cat but her curiosity might. Also, because of her curious nature and energy level, we'd like her to go somewhere with a secure fenced-in yard, adequate exercise and -- ideally -- continual training/learning so she can keep challenging that brilliant brain of hers. In addition to her unique physical potential we marked Kiah as having "Special Needs" because the vet she has seen she's been with CASA recommends she stay on a prescription dog food for the time being and likely, throughout her life. If you have any questions about pretty Kiah, please contact us.